Fair Lending Evaluation Center

Specializing in refinancing existing mortgages into lower rate mortgages.  Partnering with over 40 major lenders and originators, we have the ability to refinance your current loan, often times with your current lender, or a better-rate lender in order to improve your rate and payment.

We utilize a variety of lending channels to ensure that you are getting the best that the market has to offer.  We have access to government stimuls programs, such as RefiPlus, that allow borrowers to take advantage of today’s lower rates, eventhough thier equity position has been compromised by the downturn in current home prices.  We also have the ability to direct you to a FHA or VA orinators that can offer better consolidation options for high loan-to-value mortgages.  All of this, on top of the many, many conventional to jumbo programs in our lending portfolio.

We also use state of the art tracking software to monitor the bond markets, which drive rates in all programs (government or otherwise).  ALL open market lenders’ rates are diven by the same bond market.  We track this for you, to help you evalutate the best time to lock in your rate and allows us to do the shopping for you.